Big Brother Summer 2015

I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve finally got around to watching Big Brother, starting with Big Brother’s Launch night! We’re back to the normies, or shall I say the normal housemates where it’s to be expected that we’ll see more explosive drama, big brother tasks, twists, turns and of course, evictions! This year the theme evolves around the general election, a topical theme might I say, and we saw four potential housemates pleading their case for a chance to become the ‘people’s housemate’. Meanwhile, housemates entered the house both as singles and couples, which I think is an interesting theme.

In previous years we’ve seen couples enter the house as one housemate but this year, the couples that entered the house are to be seen as separate housemates despite entering together. Again, it’s very interesting and it offers a different dynamic to previous years because so many of the housemates will already have some sort of a bond with one another.

I think Big Brother have an interesting mix of housemates and they definitely seem to have more of a diverse age range this time around. It’s still a relatively young house and no one stands out to me as some everyday person you can expect to see down the street (you know, like the good ol’ days when Big Brother was on Channel 4). The girls especially are a little on the glamorous side (and there’s nothing wrong with that!).

There are some housemates that really stood out to me from first impressions. I’m not quite particular on names at the moment so I admit to looking up the names of the people I am discussing but it’s only day 1 of many, many episodes! Ooooh, the excitement!



The first housemate that I really liked was Ellie because she came across as a genuine girl who was down to earth and someone you would enjoy having a chat and a laugh with. She also has a heavy northern accent (she’s from yorkshire) which helps with the appeal. She’s an attractive girl with a lovely, bubbly personality and if she’s true to herself, I believe she’ll do very well in the house.



Might I be wrong in thinking that this guy might be the one who ends up being disliked? I could be, but his first impression didn’t exactly put him in the boots of someone who is likeable. His exchange with Emma Willis was just awkward (and Emma Willis looked stunning btw, I want that long, white dress!). Emma asked him a question and he just popped some sweets in his mouth, offering her some (smooth). He seemed completely disinterested and disengaged in what Emma was saying. At least try and appeal to the audience maybe? I’ll probably have a different opinion on him as the show goes on, all I am saying is that he didn’t exactly leave the greatest impression.

On a sidenote, Lotan is related to Louie Spence! My fave! Yes darling! (twirl!)

Deborah & Hannah

These girls entered together and are sisters. I already love these girls just from first impressions. They are loud and proud, confident and have a wicked personality. I felt like, watching the live launch, some of the housemates were subdued compared to their vignettes but these girls were just as lively and fun as they came across in their VT’s. I’m looking forward to watching more of them!



So Joe’s a lad, a lad’s lad, a geezer, from South London. Joe has a cracking voice because as soon as he speaks you already know that he’s a Londoner but he’s someone I wouldn’t want to mess with. I’m definitely interested to know what Joe is like because I feel like at the moment it could go either way. You’re either going to love him or  despise him. I’ll have to wait and see.



Raph is adorable! I actually love him! I mean he’s half American, half Japanese! What a combination! His VT put him in a bad light and it did put me off him a little. He came across as someone who is judgemental on certain types of people (people who are not smart and put love first seemingly). He also has commitment issues and has cheated on every partner he has been with (ouch). Obviously this isn’t good but when he came out to the live crowd, spoke to Emma and met the housemates he was so overly happy and smiley and enthusiastic!!! It’s hard for me not to like him right now.



Tom was one of the candidates that the public could vote for to enter the house as the ‘people’s housemate’ and he won out of three others candidates. He wasn’t the candidate I would have chosen. Personally I thought the other three candidates were more interesting (I forget their names, except for Andrew). However, I did like Tom because he was the only candidate who wasn’t putting on an act to try and get in the house. Tom might be a bit of a lad as well! He’s a young (21 to be exact) and handsome fellow so if he’s a good guy he should do well!


So that summarises what I think of just some of the housemates of this year’s Big Brother!!! The theme is topical, the house looks delightful (as always), we have a interesting mix of housemates and we’re in for a long summer! It’s going to be a ride!

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