I finished Persona 5 about 3 weeks ago after playing the game for around 2 weeks. Having finished University, I found myself with a bunch of free time (in between looking for work and wallowing in self pity for my future) and I used that time to binge play Persona 5! I had been waiting for this game to come out and it was partly the reason why I bought a PS4 in the first place last year (Other than Shenmue 3). It wasn’t until I saw gaming website Giant Bomb do an hour long quick look of the game that I knew I had to get my hands on it!

I was a big fan of Persona 4, which is one of my favourite games ever. Funnily enough, I had decided that I wanted Persona 4 after stumbling across some of the game’s music. I think it was ‘Heartbeat Heartbreak’ that made me want to try the game out. I hadn’t expected to fall in love with the game as I did but it was 80 hours or so of my time worth spent. I was hoping that Persona 5 could match Persona 4 in quality, story and characters. Let me just add that getting my hands on Persona 5 in the first place was difficult.

I didn’t buy the game when it was released back in April because I still had a bunch of Uni assignments that I had to finish for my final year of University. My plan was to wait until I had finished all of my assignments and then buy Persona 5.

I went to GAME at my nearest shopping centre and Persona 5 wasn’t anywhere in the store. When it was first released, copies of Persona 5 were lined up in front of the store that you could see as soon as you walked in, even from outside. Persona 5 was no longer there. I asked one of the staff there about the game and she informed me that the game had sold out almost instantly and they weren’t expecting anymore copies soon. I was disheartened but I had a look in Argos further inside the shopping centre. It wasn’t available to buy there. I took the bus home, had a look online and found out that Persona 5 was available in another Argos store nearby, about a 20 minute walk away or 5 minutes by train.


On Sunday afternoon I waited over 20 minutes for a train (I should have just walked, it was a nice day) and onward to my destination. The Argos I was looking for was inside a homebase so I entered Argos and searched for Persona 5. Now, I had double checked before I left that they still had Persona 5 in stock and they said they did. However, there were none in stock. ZERO, ZILCH, NADA! 0! I was a little bit in disbelief like are you kidding me?!! Luckily the monitor I was using told me that they had Persona 5 in stock in Hounslow, which was 1.5 miles away. It was another trek I didn’t want to make but I had already come this far. I didn’t know how to get there so I had to look on my trusty google maps and it told me I had to take a 10 minute walk to get to the bus stop I needed and then a 17 minute journey! It was around 5 o’clock and the store closed at half 6. A girl was running out of time! Mission, on! My google maps is the most handy thing ever for directing me to my desired place so I was able to get there with minimal problems. Thank the lord that the Argos I was looking for was virtually outside of the bus stop. I searched for Persona 5 and can you believe that there was only 1 Persona 5 in stock. Just 1!!! This game obviously was in very high demand but it made me feel more assured that the game had to be great if it was selling out like hotcakes. It had to be worth the near £50 that it cost and usually I wouldn’t buy a game for that much but it’s Persona 5! This is different.

I was so scared that that the person behind the counter would tell me that the game was sold out whilst I was waiting in the queue. I must have been waiting for 15 minutes due to some sort of hold up with the customers in front of me and the lack of staff. Getting my hands on this game was truly a journey!

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