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Hello! I have previously written about Persona 5 as I finished this game around 3 weeks ago! I had spent around 105 hours on this game so it’s only natural that I review it, starting with the story! I am going to leave this review relatively spoiler free, so read at your leisure! Here we goooo!



The story is pretty darn good! To summarise, the story is about a bunch of high schoolers known as the ‘Phantom Thieves’, who steal the hearts of those who have become corrupt by entering their palaces. In this game, a Palace is another world which is a person’s distorted view of how they see the world. If a person becomes corrupt then they form a Palace and it is the job of the Phantom Thieves to steal this person’s hearten in the form of treasure, in order for them to confess their crimes.

It’s a simple premise but what I love about the story is how deep it goes. By the time I finished the game it actually got me thinking about the politics of society and how much having power and money influences the decisions that are made upon this world. Not only that, but how social media and views of the general public influences our lives. It’s great because it reflects upon our lives as it is today, making Persona 5 so much more than just a game. It really resonated with me which was something that shook me. I mean, it’s just a video game god darn it! Why am I feeling like this!

This story is deep because it shows an insight into the political world of Japan where money and power can get you want you want, buy your silence and allow you to do as you please whether it’s legal or not. This is something that others in the world of Persona 5 allow but the Phantom Thieves are different. They are the rebellions of the world, who will not stand and allow themselves to be misjudged, or allow criminals to get away with their crimes. They stand up for themselves and for others because it’s the right thing to do.

But is it? Another thing that the game makes you question is whether the Phantom Thieves are actually doing the right thing. Yes, what these criminals are doing is wrong but does that give Phantom Thieves the right to pry into the worlds and minds of these criminals and force them to have a change of heart? It seems like the right thing to do and the Phantom Thieves have good intentions. They want to help those that have been victimised from these criminals and become the world’s saviour, a group that the public comes to rely on to deal with those that are abusing their power. Still, the game does a great job of making you question their actions as you get further into the game. Personally I was with the Phantom Thieves at the start but even I began to question whether it was right. It’s reminiscent of Light Yagami from Death Note. Light’s intentions are good but at the same time, it’s wrong depending on how you think about it. There’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer to this question and that’s what I like about it.

I love how the game deals with real issues that are happening in the world and I was surprised how dark the game can get with this. If you’ve played Persona 4 then you’ll know, but while the game evolves around a murder mystery the game is relatively light hearted. This game deals with real issues involving sexual harassment, abuse, plagiarism, drug crime, bullying and so forth. It’s quite enlightening to learn of these issues and I really came away from this having learnt more about our world. It’s not just a game, it’s a learning experience so for me, the story gets a solid 8/10!

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