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So now we move onto the music of Persona 5. This is quite a funny one for me. When I first started playing Persona 5 I admit to being a little bit judgemental. I couldn’t help but compare it to Persona 4, one of my favourite games of all time. I haven’t played Persona 3 but I have heard pretty much the whole OST to the game and the same goes for Persona 4. The music for both of these games are great! Even till this day there are still songs that I listen to from both games (mainly Mass Destruction these days). I spent a whole bunch of time listening to most of the lyrical songs. Heartbeat Heartbreak, Signs of Love, Pursuing My True Self and Burn My Dread were among them but a lot of the non lyrical songs are great too. The music is just so modern compared to other RPG’s that I have atleast played so it was easy to listen to them out of the context of the game. It goes without saying that my standards were pretty high for the music in Persona 5. Persona 3’s style treads along the lines of rap and hip hop whilst Persona 4 opts for J-pop/bubblegum pop. Persona 5 differs from the two with influences from the genre of jazz, its battle themes hard rock. The overall soundtrack definitely has more of an old school feel to it.

I remember playing this game and just thinking that the music to this game was nothing special. I was quick to criticise it for not being memorable like the previous two instalments. Burn My Dread and Pursuing My True Self were two incredibly catchy and eye grabbing openings and Persona 5’s opening wasn’t in my view. The opening theme Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There was forgettable and the battle theme Last Surprise slow. Also, forgettable. The music, forgettable…you get my jist.

Honestly, I don’t know at what point I was playing this game that that all began to change. The first song that hooked me was Beneath My Mask, the music that plays as you are wandering around the city after school. It was the instrumental one that grabbed me, its mellow, chilled undertones really setting the mood. When they introduced the lyrical version though…damn! I fell in love. It was strange to like a song so much that differed from my usual tastes. It was one of the standout songs for me. Here’s the song underneath.

I have to say as well, I mean, how epic is Life Will Change? When I sent the calling card to the first dungeon (you’ll know the meaning of that when you play the game) and first heard the instrumental version of Life Will Change (I know it played before this, but this was the first time it grabbed my attention), it actually got me really pumped about stealing the treasure and making the enemy’s heart change. I felt like I was saving the world, actually making a change and it motivated me to do my best both in this game and in life (weird, I know!) It’s possibly one of the greatest songs in a Persona game. I can’t think of song that gives me more feeling than this one! The lyrical version is even better, so you just have to have a listen! When given a context, the song is even more powerful.

Little by little I started noticing just how great the soundtrack really is. I think the best way to describe it is subtle, but even after a 100 hours of game time they still don’t get old. I think that was something that could be a bit of a problem in Persona 4. The songs were catchy as all hell but they did start to get old and repetitive after some time.

I started playing the opening theme, Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There on repeat upon realising that it was virtually Life Will Change but with subtle differences in melody. I found myself jamming out to the in class music of Is It Boring every time I heard it, it’s few, simple riffs music to my ears. My Homie became one of my favourite ‘sadder’ songs of the Persona’s I’d heard and a victim of the replay button and OH MY GOD WHIMS OF FATE!! All I will say is that it’s one of the best dungeon themes I’ve ever heard in a Persona game and the song I have the most on repeat. I love it! Persona 5 is one the more consistent soundtracks with such great gems. Each song blends in well with the tone of the game and I have to give credit to the singer aswell. Her voice differs from previous artists used in the Persona series. She has a raw tone that again, fits with the jazz style the game was going for. Just have a listen to a few of my favourite songs in this game below!

Whims of Fate

Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There

Last Surprise

Blood of Villain

Life Goes On

Is It Boring

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