Hello guys! The last piece of the puzzle in my review of Persona focuses on the characters that feature in this game. Before reading on, be sure to check out my other reviews on the different aspects of Persona 5 below!

Getting My Hands on The Game




If you’ve been reading up to this point then I thank you very kindly!


Now onto the review! I have to admit that out of all of the other aspects of this game, the characters are the weakest thing about the game in my opinion. As I’ve mentioned before, this game has a lot of depth to it both story and gameplay wise and you can tell the amount of time and effort crafted into this game. All the little nuisances make this game special and there are so many things to do, that it’s easy to miss things when exploring the city (that’s what a second play through is for, obvs).

I like the characters in the game (I’m talking more about the main characters at this point). We have a great mix of main, playable characters that mesh well and as always, when spending large amounts of time playing these characters, getting to know them and their personality a little better, it’s easy to feel a part of their story and their lives. You begin to become attached and you actually care about what happens to them. This was definitely the case for me so yes, I do like these characters but they are still the weaker aspect of the game. Don’t get me wrong, they are by no means bad! I don’t know if I can put my finger on what didn’t click so much with me. I have to say that I am guilty of comparing this game in the first place to Persona 4, the only other Persona game that I have played. I hold Persona 4 in high regard and perhaps my favourite thing about that game is the characters. How can you not love Chie, the karate kicking, kung fu movie lover, or Kanji, the foul mouthed and confused but loveable biker gang member? (Not really) Some of these main characters had a real depth to them and thing about it was, you cared for their stories too. You rooted for them. Remember Nanako? She was just the sweetest little thing! There were just so many characters that I loved in this game.


That’s perhaps why I was a little disappointed by the playable characters in this game. Perhaps the thing that was lacking about it all was that they had fewer opportunities to really bond as a group. I don’t think that was necessary a bad thing. Every scene was of importance, focusing on the plot rather than the all of the fun, school activities Persona 4’s group took part in. Persona 5 was story and boss fight heavy and these took focus over the characters. Persona 4’s story was a murder mystery, but at the same time the theme of Persona 4 was about friendship and the bonds made. When thinking from this perspective it makes sense that the characters and character development are (imo) stronger in the previous instalment. However I am a lover of character development and the main characters could have been further developed in this game.

With that being said, I LOVE how the supporting characters that you meet within this game come from all different backgrounds. It’s great really because it reflects the city life that the game is set in and all of the different kinds of people you can meet in the city. You can bond with people from all sorts of occupations, from a reporter, a politician, a doctor and even a teacher from your school. All of these characters have backgrounds that unravel the further you get into their social links. These characters are complex creatures! I’ve mentioned this as well but there are really so many options for the people you can build social links with and it’s replicant of a social life within the city. It’s worth another playthrough just to try and max out every social link! I’m going to give the characters a 7/10! A very decent ranking!

That concludes my review of Persona 5, a game with a great story that’s topical of our society today and gameplay that far exceeds the previous instalments. Let’s not forget the music, which is arguably Persona’s best soundtrack ever. I still listen to the music in this game daily because it’s that great!

If you’ve played through Persona 5 let me know what you think about the game! Do you like it as much as I do? Anything you didn’t like so much?

As ever and always, thank you for reading!