Katie Price’s live performance

Hey guys! Soooo Loose Women was on my TV in the background the other day, when I heard Katie Price talking about a new single she is releasing and that she would be singing LIVE on Loose Women. WHAT. I was…dumbfounded. I don’t actually think that’s the right word to describe it. There are NO WORDS to describe my thoughts on the matter. Seriously, neither positive or negative thoughts. Just BLAH.

As you may already know, many years ago Katie Price released a single with her then husband Peter Andre called ‘A Whole New World’, a cover from Disney’s classic song featured in Aladdin (which is my favourite Disney film ever!). I didn’t take well to their version of the song. It was… cringe. I won’t even listen back to it to remind myself of it. I mean, why did they have to do a cover of such a classic? It’s one of the best songs that Disney has ever created, sung flawlessly by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane.

Craig Colton from X Factor

ANYWHO, fast forward to June of 2017 and it seems that Katie Price is set to revive her singing career? Again, WHAT.

Her new single is called I GOT U and was written by former X-Factor contestant Craig Colton. He was in 2011’s X Factor, where he competed with the likes of Misha B, Amelia Lily, Marcus Collins and Frankie Cocozza (oooh, whatever happened to that guy?)

After performing her new single on Loose Women, Katie Price was slated online by critics. Twitter went OFF. Personally I didn’t think it was that bad. It wasn’t to my taste but she sung better then I thought she would. Those two dancers that were performing this highly energetic, choreographed dance while Katie Price stood there did crack me up a little. They went all in!

Here’s what some of the Twitter goers had to say.

Not all of her critiques were negative though. She had some supporters that defended her performance.

Like I said, I found the whole thing amusing but performance wise she wasn’t that bad. I think she can sing! She’s not the best singer in the world but balls to her for singing live!

What did you think of her performance? Would you like to hear more from the Pricey or see her singing die a slow death?