Hey guys! If you watched Big Brother UK tonight then boyyy! You’ll already know what happened but if you missed it let me tell you, it KICKED OFF! Things got so heated that security had to be pulled in like one sort of episode of Jerry Springer. Hell, Jeremy Kyle is more subdued than this! I had my eyes glued to the screen like ‘Is this happening right now?’

I’d read earlier today that Lotan was removed from the house permanently, after fellow housemate Isabelle made a comment that Lotan didn’t agree with. I was curious to see what led to these circumstances.

Lotan throws liquid aimed at Isabelle

Well as you can see, things begun to spiral out of control on tonight’s episode after Lotan seemingly threw a glass of water (or alcohol) aimed at Isabelle.

To explain, Lotan and Isabelle hadn’t been getting on over the last couple of episodes. After giving her two cents on things involving Lotan that had nothing to do with her (as far as Lotan was concerned), Isabelle begun to grate on Lotan. You see, Lotan had had disagreements with the likes of Chanelle, Hannah and Isabelle thought to give her opinion on each situation much to Lotan’s chagrin. This is the base of Lotan’s dislike for Isabelle, on top of being too orange, boring and dumb, often resorting to name calling her.

On last night’s episode, Isabelle laughed and made a comment about Lotan’s ex in a game of spin the bottle and Lotan flipped. Lotan’s group, formed of Ellie, Tom, Kieran, Savannah and Charlotte thought Isabelle was bang out of order for her comment and made a decision to ‘ghost’ her, which meant to just ignore her all together.


You got that? Well tonight, Isabelle made ANOTHER comment that sent Lotan over the edge. THE EDGE. She commented that Lotan wasn’t a good role model for his son and Lotan threw liquid over her. Only, it got Hannah, Debrah and Chanelle too. Hannah and Chanelle FLIPPED OUT over this while Lotan threw a bottle out of frustration and stormed out. Big Brother called Lotan to the dining room and I don’t even know what happened but things just escalated! Some of the housemates ended up on the stairs after Lotan entered the dining room, Ellie apparently punched Hannah and Deborah, defending her sister rushed up the stairs after Ellie. Security were called in after Lotan stormed out of the dining room to seemingly confront Isabelle and ignored Big Brother’s calls to return to the dining room. Housemates and security were holding each other back and I’m just sitting there on the edge of my bed like ‘WHAT?!’ DANG.


Lotan was removed from the big brother house not only for that incident but for some comments he made which threatened physicality and basically standing by his actions. In his words, ‘Any man would have done what I did.’

So who was wrong here? Obviously, Lotan should have NEVER of thrown water at the girls. No matter how angry you are that’s just violence, plain and simple. it doesn’t matter if there was barely anything in the glass (as Lotan said). The fact that he said to the other boys that he would have done more if he wasn’t in the house is quite frightful. You just don’t do that! That goes both ways.

Lotan said that he was upset because Isabelle brought up his son and she had no right to do that. Yes, I agree that she shouldn’t have done that. It’s personal and it’s a low blow. It just boggles my mind how much Lotan has name called Isabelle and and how this is turned a blind eye to both by the housemates and by big brother.  However, Isabelle makes a comment and it KICKS OFF. Lotan’s name calling is a form of bullying (imo) and disrespect. Commenting constantly on someone’s appearance just because Isabelle is so dark from her tan. Yeah it may not look good but that’s no reason to bring it up over and over and over again.


With that being said, Big Brother definitely needs to have a word with the likes of Hannah, Deborah and Ellie aswell who were a part of the fight! Who knows what would have happened had security not stepped in!

What do you think? Who was in the wrong here? Let me know! Thanks for reading!

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