Jumanji Trailer – Thoughts!

Jumanji-remake-kevin-hart-the-rock 2

Yesterday the trailer for the reboot of Jumanji came out! This is a film that I can’t particularly say that I was looking forward to at first. I mean, how can anyone replicate the nostalgic goodness of the original? How can anyone replace the beloved Robin Williams? Jumanji is one of those films that I will always have a dear place reserved in my heart for. It’s a childhood favourite of mine and it’s understanding if anyone isn’t so easily willing to be accepting of this new adaption.

I’d read beforehand that the new Jumanji is modernised (for the current times). Instead of being based around a boardgame brought to life, teen characters get sucked into a video game as their chosen avatar characters. It’s an interesting concept and I actually like that they have adapted the film in this way. In my opinion, it’s best to leave an actual remake out the door because there is no beating the Jumanji of the 90’s (am I right?).

I watched the trailer and it looks like a fun movie! It’s set in the jungle (Which seems to be Dwayne Johnson’s favoured film locations) and it looks set be an action packed, adventurous movie! Watching the trailer, it actually reminded me of Journey 2:The Mysterious Island which seems to have a similar setting to this film if my memory serves correct.

I initially had my reservations about Kevin Hart being in it. Even though I love Kevin Hart, I couldn’t picture how he’d fit into the film. It could be the fact that I have never seen him in an action adventure film but I thought that by having Kevin Hart in it, the film would be dumbed down to baseless comedy. After watching the trailer I feel good about the direction the film has taken. It looks like a family friendly and fun film. Watch the trailer down below and see for yourself!


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