GLOW – Short Review!


Hello guys! I’ve recently finished season 1 of a relatively new series on Netflix called GLOW, which stands for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling! This is a show based on a wrestling promotion called GLOW back in the 1980’s and to be honest, I never knew it even existed!

I’d first heard about this series on twitter a couple of weeks ago when it popped up on my twitter feed and it immediately piqued my interest. As a fan of the WWE, I was excited to see a series about wrestling getting such a buzz online and especially the positive reviews I’d read it was receiving. Of course, I just had to check it out!

The main character of GLOW is Ruth Wilder, an actress trying to find work, when she comes across an opportunity to wrestle for a new wrestling promotion called GLOW where women wrestlers…..wrestle. Upon her initial audition, Ruth is joined by some unique personalities, all of which are actresses, models and others alike in the media industry. Ruth seizes this opportunity as a chance to show off her acting chops and dives into her role and character.

The show isn’t just about wrestling, also dealing with personal relationships. In the very first episode, Ruth sleeps with her best friend Debbie’s husband and we discover that she had been having an affair with him behind her BFF’s back. This comes back to bite her in the ass when Debbie whoops Ruth’s behind in the ring during her training session. Sam Sylvia, GLOW’s wrestling promotor sees massive potential in Debbie during the scrap as the face of GLOW, the all ‘American Girl’ and brings her in as part of the team. You can imagine how awkward this would be for Ruth after what she did and how difficult the prospect of working with Ruth would be for Debbie. That’s what you call a dilemma!


Overall, I enjoyed watching GLOW and by the final episode I couldn’t wait for season 2. I felt like the first few episodes were a little shaky but the show grew into its own as the episodes went on, particularly once Ruth finds her wrestling character. I would have liked to have found out about the backgrounds of some of the characters, which I’m sure they’ll go more into in Season 2. How did they come to be in the position they’re in? What does wrestling mean to them? What conflict and drama is going on in their life? I think once these things are unravelled then I would start to form a deeper connection with the characters, which I think was missing. I do think that Debbie Eagen, played by Betty Gilpin is the star role and most likeable character as a woman juggling Motherhood, wrestling and her broken marriage. How can you not feel for her after being cheated on by her toe rag of a husband?

P.S, if you’re a wrestling fan then you’ll notice quite a few cameos in some of the episodes. I won’t spoil it for you, go watch it for yourself!

Have you seen GLOW? What did you think of it? Do you love it? Hate it? Meh? Let me know! Thanks for reading!