Savannah was evicted

Helloooo! This past Thursday on Big Brother UK 2017, we saw the eviction of Savannah and four new housemates enter the house! It was an eventful night!

Big Brother did something they never had before and showed the polling results in the days prior to eviction night on BBOTS, and during the show. Isabelle was previously the favourite to leave with 35.6% of the vote, whilst Savannah had taken third place with 12.9%. By the time eviction came around, Savannah had the most votes at 36.3% and was evicted.

Personally, I felt like Savannah’s eviction was the right call. When she first entered the house, she was quite likeable as the ‘Irish Lass’ with a heavy Irish accent and a girl next door vibe. Unfortunately, I don’t think she came across well when she sided with recently ejected Lotan’s group, a man who was accused of having disrespect for women and an aggressive nature (of which he was booted out of the house for, after chucking alcohol at Isabelle). Savannah seemed to be pack orientated, often comparing the strength of her group composed of Tom, Charlotte, Ellie, Kieran, Lotan and Savannah to the others. Her screen time consisted of her either telling her gang that they needed to stick together or whining about something. I also thought there were a few occasions in where she was seen to stir the pot, something I didn’t like.

second chance housemates_1
From left to right: Andrew, Sue, Sam, Simone

Then we saw four familiar housemates enter Big Brother, Sue, Simone, Sam and Andrew. Sue, Simone and Andrew were candidates to enter the Big Brother house on launch night in BB’s very own election. Candidates pleaded their case on why they should be voted to enter the Big Brother house, an election that was won by Tom with the most votes by the general public. Sam on the the other hand was part of Big Brother’s blind date task where Chanelle, Lotan and Kieran had to vote for two people to enter the house. They chose contestants Isabelle and Savannah over Sam.

Of course, these housemates couldn’t enter the Big Brother house without a twist to throw into the mix could they? Well, it turns out that these housemates, ‘second chance housemates’ are not eligible to win Big Brother or the prize money. However, the second chance housemate that stays in the house for the longest wins £15,000, money which is taken out of the main prize money. £15,000!? Those lucky souls.

I’m glad that Big Brother brought in four new housemates. The housemates seemed to have made piece with one another after Lotan was thrown out of the Big Brother house and final warnings were given out to certain housemates due to their aggressive behaviour. Adding new housemates to a group that already know each other well is the perfect fuel to the fire. We’ll see how this goes!

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