About The Boy

Sitting across my desk

His deep voice makes my heart burst


He’s my one weakness

The man brought to me’s a curse


Forget the dreams of success

A life without him really hurts


For better or for worse

He’s the only one to crave my thirst


He’s a special human being

He brings me to my knees


My hearts sings for his very presence

I refuse to settle for less


The Dream That Lives

Knocked down to the ground, she found the dream living inside her heart

Fingers ready on the keyboard, the girl couldn’t wait to start


Struggling in the role of a nine to five

The dream inside of her kept her alive

She carried a will that refused to die

She’d no longer live a lie


On the surface the girl appeared all alone

She gave off a dark, morbid tone

But the mighty blessed her with skills to hone

The chance to reign on the throne


She is strong

Finally, she feels like she belongs

She’d lost her place for so long

Now she’s as mighty as King Kong


It is through the troubles she’s faced

That the girl has found her place

Still, pain and woes have left their trace

But now dreams are the only thing she’ll chase

My Writing Journey 5 – Getting Myself into a Routine

I’ve been a bit of a disorganised mess when it comes to sitting down and actually working on my novel. I could blame being in full-time employment for my shortcomings, that would be the easy option. I’ve had a long day at work, it’s been stressful and I’m tired. I’ll wake up early tomorrow morning and do some writing. Excuses, excuses. Procrastination is my enemy and it often prevents me from getting anything done. Any excuse I find to avoid delving deeper into my work in progress, I take. Eating dinner, listening to music, watching a video on youtube…I tell myself that I’ll start work on my novel after completing these tasks. After all, I had a long shift at work and I need some time to unwind (another excuse). Needless to say, I never get around to it. I’ll do it tomorrow, I tell myself, a lie upon the stack of lies I tell myself.

Procrastination is a powerful force, a force of evil. Once it takes over, it’s all over for me. This was something that I needed to change. I could not allow procrastination to rule the roost, to lead my life, to send me into a pit of doom.

If I wanted to truly make some progress with my work in progress, I needed to instil some sort of routine into my life and more importantly than that, I needed to stick to it. Routine would be the friend that would crush procrastination’s flirtatious ways.

I set this routine into motion over this past week. My days have consisted of waking up as you do, exercising and then working on my novel for 2 hours. I allowed myself to be flexible initially, since it’s important for me to start being consistent with my novel working ways. It mattered less to me how much I managed to get done in that time. I’d work for about 30-40 minutes within each hour before rewarding myself with a break (so I was really just doing 60-80 minutes of work in those 2 hours). As I said, it didn’t matter how much I was getting done, as long as I was making a little progress. After all, progress is better than neglecting to do anything at all.

Setting myself a definite time frame to work on my novel has helped me to limit the procrastination that I have been doing and just get to work. In that time frame, I would only focus on my novel. Forget music, forget videos, forget anything else that could provide a distraction to the task at hand. Now, a week into this routine I find myself naturally writing for longer periods at a time without a break.

I currently have a sketch of my plot details completed and have been working on the world in which my story takes place in. I am at one of the last steps now before I am ready to write my novel! I am beginning to see the finish line. It’s still quite far away, but I feel like it’s attainable. By implementing this routine and being consistent, I will soon be ready to pound out that first draft! Exciting times!


Sunshine’s arrived

Such a nice surprise

Snow’s been denied

From this brand new paradise


I took the wheel

Cruised straight through the fields

My torment’s been healed

Now blessed with a brand new feel


Sunshine’s a natural mood booster

Rays of warmth beam down on me

I left my problems in the dumpster

Spread my arms and felt the heat


Gentle breeze caresses my hair

Boys and girls stop and stare

Dressed in a skin tight dress and sandals

Proved too much for them to handle


Sunshine’s beat flows throughout my veins

The rhythm hits 

I grin profusely without shame

Finally out of the pit

Winter outlasted its stay


Stepping into the sun

Happy times galore and fun

Living in Hell

Struggling to find a way

To ignore put downs daily


Been dodging issues like the plague

Hiding my true self, acting vague


Hatred beats me down

Cruel words remain profound


Sinking in a pile of quicksand

Conflict’s spiralling out of hand


Ripped to shreds is my bleeding heart

Broken, spit on, torn apart


Tears hidden behind a veil

The verbal abuse prevails


I stay hidden inside a shell

Living in my own hell

Currently Reading – How to Win Friends and Influence People (by Dale Carnegie)

How to Win Friends and Influence People is a self-help book about…..well…you know, how to make friends and influence people. The title pretty much summarises the aim of the book and I was very keen to read this as someone who sometimes struggles in this endeavour. I’ve never been that person with a large group of friends and I envy the people who are able to make friends easily in a short space of time. For instance, when I see someone who’s easily able to make friends with people they’ve just met, it’s like some sort of wizardry or witchcraft has been performed in front of my very eyes.  I truly believe the art of making a wide range of friends is a skill.

Often, I find myself in situations where I am disliked by certain people. This can be hard to deal with for a person like me who wants to be liked by everybody. Thing is, the people who tend to dislike me are people who have barely or never spoken to me. Upon reflection, it’s probably understandable. I am not the most approachable person in the world. I definitely have one of those resting mean faces going on when I’m alone or in concentration mode.

The point I am making here is that making friends can sometimes be hard. After reading that this book is one of the best selling books of all time, selling millions upon millions of copies, helping legions of people to improve their lives for the better, I decided to buy the book on kindle and give it a try.

I’m about halfway through the book as of this moment and I have to say, it makes for an enjoyable and very easy read. Each chapter is separated into different methods to follow in order to be a social success. With each method, the book offers many examples of how these tips have proved to be a success, with success stories from highly influential and infamous people. Some suggestions offered include being genuinely interested in others, giving sincere compliments, avoiding being critical and instead offering encouragement and smiling. Though I haven’t yet applied any of these tips to the outside world, I am enjoying this book and look forward to completing it.



Brain is ticking every second of a minute

Black canvas haunts the writer when he stays in


Ideas fly out of reach, a block of nothingness

Awaits at his doorstep, the man is worthless


Until a lightbulb switches on

Inside that head of his

He’s caught with writer’s block

Ideas are hit and miss


Write, scratch, think, read

Ideas, the man is waiting

Drink, eat, tame his needs

Until ideas come sailing


Wash, walk at unease

They simmer and bail on him


Lie down, sleep until he dreams

That’s when it finally hits him


Igniting his imagination

He’s ambushed with inspiration